5 Tips to Create the Best Images for Your Vacation Rental

March 15, 2023

I see it, I want it, I like it, I got it, as the classics say! In the case of vacation rentals, authentic design is the first thing that will catch the soul and the eyes of the potential customer. According to Airbnb, 60% of vacation rental listing view begins with potential guests clicking on the photos. So they better be good, huh?

And if they like it, they will definitely book it, sooner or later. 😋 

Rentals should look nice not only in reality, but also in your videos and photos. This seems like a task for a professional photographer. If you’re not ready to hire one yet. here are a few things that will help you to get some good-looking stuff for your Instagram feed, OTAs and your booklee link in bio page!

Use a High-Resolution Digital Camera

If you don’t have a professional camera, you can totally use the camera of the recent iPhones. In any case, better use a tripod to make the whole process more convenient and to avoid blurry images. 

Natural Light is The Key

We highly recommend using natural light while shooting. Remember: golden hour (the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset) is your best friend. Whenever it’s sunny, grab your camera and make some incredible shots!

Say No to Emptiness 

Style it! No empty tables or shelves. Fill them with books, flowers, and fruits. Keep it minimalistic and cute. 

Show the Surroundings

It’s not only about your rental, it’s about the whole experience. Take photos of the views or the surrounding area.

Make it Symmetrical 

In the case of vacation rentals, symmetrical shots like this one are the most aesthetically pleasing for potential guests.

Beside your OTA listings, you can also use these photos for your Booklee link in bio page! Sign up now to experience the magic!

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