How to Promote Your Vacation Rental on Tiktok

March 30, 2023

Ok, I already hear you thinking “Not again! I’m not going to dance behind the camera to attract customers! My potential customers do not watch TikTok”.

Yes, it may seem like the main audience of Tiktok are teens. But it changed a long time ago. Especially during the pandemic. And while the use of other apps declined after Covid-19 measures were lifted, Tiktok continues to rise.

Also, check out these insane statistics! In 2021, TikTok exceeded 3.5 billion all-time downloads. And this was actually the first non-Meta app to reach this number. 

I think all of this should be enough to start treating Tiktok seriously. Let’s see what you can do there as a vacation rental owner. 

Post lifestyle videos

You’re not selling only your vacation rental. You’re selling a certain lifestyle, opportunities and mood. Show potential customers what they can do in your rental and surrounding areas. Posting lifestyle videos that showcase the unique features of your property and the surrounding area can attract potential renters.

Become the face of your vacation rental 

That’s a great way to promote not only your vacation rental but you ;) This, of course, if you don’t mind becoming popular. In general, people like seeing a friendly face on camera! Now there are quite a lot of vacation rental owners who talk on Tiktok not only about their property but also their overall experience as hosts! Check @madiandskyler and @airbnb_mountainmama for some inspiration! 

Partner with influencers 

But what if you’re not ready to pose on camera yet? Well, here comes Influencer marketing!  Consider partnering with popular bloggers in your area that align with your values and brand image. And you don’t even have to spend actual money on that. You can offer them barter cooperation which means they will promote your rental in exchange for staying there for free.

Use those hashtags!

When publishing a video, don’t forget to put relevant hashtags! It helps the TikTok algorithm to show your video to people who are actually interested in your topic. In the case of vacation rentals, you can use hashtags like #vacationrentals, #vacationrentalsusa #vacationrentalsfromowner, etc. Additionally, you can create your own branded hashtag to encourage user-generated content and build a community around your brand.

Put all the booking options in your bio

Ok, you have the attention of the Tiktoker user now. But how to make them a customer? 

Well, put the most valuable information and all the booking options in your bio. Or, in other words, put your Booklee link in the bio! 

With Booklee, users can see all the booking options on one simple mobile-friendly page. And they will be able to book your rental right on the spot, from their smartphone.

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